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Missouri CAN Member of the Month - Lisa Goldschmidt

My name is Lisa Goldschmidt, and I am Program Officer for Energy andHousing in the Family and Community Development Department. I overseeEnergy Assistance, Weatherization, Housing Choice Voucher,single-family affordable housing, and healthy homes. I have been withCMCA since 11/3/14.

I moved from Kansas City to Columbia with my 5-year-old daughter intow in January 2000 and soon after went back to school at MU. Iearned a B.S. in Interior Environmental Design and an M.A. inArchitectural Studies with an emphasis in Environment and Behavior.When I began school, I had visions of being an interior designer buthalfway through my program, I decided I really wasn’t interested inhelping wealthier clients select granite countertops anddiamond-encrusted toilets. During my early years as an undergraduate,I was hired by this cool place called MU Extension to revamp anonline 4-H Youth interior design program. From there I learned moreabout what housing specialists did and what information they wereproviding to the public. That, along with an interest in housingpolicy and its impact on all of us, led me to become interested inaffordable housing and everything under that umbrella.

I care so much about housing because it has a huge impact on all ofus. Where we live, matters, and I have lived in some prettyawful places. But I was lucky. I had a supportive family and theability to go back to school in my 30s and get an education. I fullyrecognize that not everyone has that, and that we can be a fantasticresource for families who struggle with their particular housingsituation. I work with some of the very best people in the entirearea and am so happy to be a part of this fantastic organization, aswell as witness to the very meaningful work you all do each and everyday.

My husband Michael and I have been married just over four years. Heis a teaching professor at MU and also works in Extension. He likesto joke that he spends 80% of his time teaching and the other 80% ofhis time on Extension work! I have a daughter named Meagan whorecently finished her B.S. in Biological Sciences. I also have astepdaughter named Sarah who just moved here and works at the VAHospital, and a stepson named Ben who lives in Pittsburgh and is aprofessor at Duquesne. In addition I have two of the best darnedgrandchildren in the world, Iyanna and John Jr. I love to spend timewith my family, listen to music, read, cook, travel, watchdocumentaries, walk on the trails, and sing whenever the notionarises. Michael and I also have four cats who keep us on our toes:Gizmo, Daisy, Izzy, and Maudie Gail.

Your local Missouri CAN Chapter is busy developing some new and exciting ways to celebrate and reward you, the Missouri CAN Member and/or CMCA employee that does tremendously important work here at our agency. Below are explanations of what is coming down the pipeline from your Missouri CAN Chapter, as well as reminders of ongoing activities.

1) New Missouri CAN Member Benfits

In addition to the individual member benefits Missouri CAN members currently enjoy, new membership benefits have been approved. These new benefits include:

  • 10% tuition discount for all classes at Columbia College - including undergraduate and graduate - in seat and online
  • Discounts on Silver Dollar City Season Passes and Showboat Branson Bell Cruise tickets
  • Discounts on Worlds of Fun e-tickets
  • Discounts on Six Flags, St Louis Main Gate fees

These benefits are in addition to the advocacy efforts, quarterly newsletters and training benefits already provided to Missouri CAN members!

At the annual conference in May, Missouri CAN will report the agency with the largest numerical increase in membership and the agency with the largest percentage increase in membership!

2) Missouri CAN Member of the Month

We will continue to randomly draw a Missouri CAN member for our Missouri CAN Member of the Month. This person's picture and autobiography will be featured on our agency website and Brag Board at Central. He or she will also receive our traveling trophy, as well as other goodies.

Remember, funds raised by the local chapter go to support our national partners and their fight to protect the work and funding for all community action programs.

If you have any additional questions please contact one of your Missouri CAN Officers; Evan Melkersman, Emily Young, Brittany Hotmer, or Kristina Shackelford.

The Missouri Community Action Network makes sure your interests are represented at the Capitol. With approximately 100 different associations representing everything from dump truck drivers to corn growers to dentists, can you afford to be left out?

  • Missouri CAN represents 19 Community Action Agencies at the state level. Every day.
  • Missouri CAN is your link (and community action's) to the state legislature and government agencies through lobbying, information and education.
  • Missouri CAN is a collective voice, speaking to Missouri's decision-makers about the needs of low-income families and your efforts to meet those needs.
  • Missouri CAN is 1,800 members - represented by a 20-member elected board of directors and served by a staff of nine.

  • Goal 1: Lobbying - To expand and strengthen Missouri CAN's lobbying capacity at both state and local government levels.
    Goal 2: Membership - To expand and strengthen Missouri CAN's base of support in the Missouri CAA world.
    Goal 3: Training & Technical Assistance - To expand and strengthen Missouri CAN's training and technical assistance activities.
    Goal 4: Communications - To expand and strengthen all aspects of communication both within the Missouri CAA network and with the public.
    Goal 5: Resources - To expand and strengthen Missouri CAN's funding base.

    What does Missouri CAN do for me?

    ...ensures that Missouri Senators and Representatives know about the need for the job that you do and how you serve the needs of the low-income families in their areas.

    ...informs CAA's of important national developments that are critical to local programs.

    ...stays informed of proposed legislation that will affect CAA's and their programs as well as opportunities for new funding possibilities.

    ...keeps its members aware of what's going on around the state in community action through annual reports, newsletters, legislative updates and Missouri CAN web page.

    ...maintains positive relationships with State department officials (funding sources). These relationships are critical to the development of new programs.

    ...does what you don't have time to do because you're out doing your job...makes sure that programs exist to meet the needs of low-income families.

    ...maintains a presence in Jefferson City because decisions are made there every day that could affect you and your job.

Staff may download the Community Action employee enrollment form. Be sure to fill out the form completely and turn it in to the Human Resources Department.

Not a Community Action employee? No problem. You may become a Missouri CAN supporter by downloading the Missouri CAN Supporter form.