Leadership Link August 22, 2017

Darin Preis

Post-Eclipse edition!


I hope you enjoyed the day yesterday and had the opportunity to observe the incredible spectacle of the eclipse. I was just about beside myself with excitement! Now I don't know what to look forward to . . . perhaps I'll book my room in Cape Girardeau for the next total eclipse in 2024!

The main reason I wanted to get a mid-week Leadership Link out to you is because we've got an exciting opportunity to highlight the work that we do and the impact that we're having. A film maker who owns New Picture Studios connected with Misty and I through a mutual friend and he'd like to do some documentary-like stories and a "crown jewel" video about CMCA and our program participants. I know Misty has been trying to gather success stories for our annual report and other marketing pieces and I want to ramp up the pressure to submit those names. We need stories that represent the realities that people are experiencing and who are participants in our programs. Whether they have gotten out of poverty or not just yet, it is the story about their journey that should be compelling. Please think through current or past program participants and consider who might be good subjects. CJ, the film maker, will want to meet them, talk through the process, and then follow them around a little on camera . . . like their own personal Keeping Up with the Kardashians. We want to lift these program participants up through this process and give them a powerful voice to tell their story. If you'd like to bounce around a few ideas, please feel free to visit with Misty or I and we'll see if we can find some good candidates.

Enjoy the rest of your short week!