Leadership Link September 1, 2017

Darin Preis


I've been at a conference all week that was productive, interesting, good networking and professional development, and in a beautiful setting . . . but doesn't give me a lot to report on other than a fresh reminder that we've got an awesome agency doing awesome things! Instead I'll reflect a little on last week.

First, the blood drive that Emily Frantz organized in central office last Friday was a huge success. The goal was to get 19 pints and we ended up with 21! Thanks to all of you who donated. Even bigger thanks to Emily for setting the whole thing up. It's great to have the opportunity to donate and support our local Red Cross right in our office. Many of our county offices and classrooms wouldn't be a great fit for this but I'd support you if you wanted to donate at a blood drive near you. Work with your supervisor if you want to schedule the time. When emergencies like Hurricane and Tropical Storm Harvey occur, it is more important than ever to have blood supplies ready to go. This is a great way to help with disaster recovery.

By way of this awkward picture . . . welcome Akhil Noel to our accounting department and the CMCA family. You may have met him at Wellness Day during his first week and now he's already letting us stick needles in him! As for Christine Lindsey, our new Financial Operations Supervisor, turns out you CAN get blood from a turnip (sorry Christine, couldn't pass on that one!).

On Thursday the board of directors met and had a very productive meeting. Melody Vieth did a great job sharing lots of complicated data about how our Head Start kiddos are doing in a way that was very understandable and accessible to all of us. The board also voted to increase our line of credit so we can still pay you when our funders are slow to process our invoices! Beth Vossler presented the Head Start Program Information Report (PIR) in a new format that used infographics(!) to highlight our outcomes. It was impressive! The board also approved the CSBG Work Plan. Angela Hirsch has done a great job anticipating funding priorities and working with the entire community services team to identify our focus areas for next year. Thanks to all of you who have and continue to help with this. Last, I presented the draft strategic plan for the board to consider. I'll ask them to approve the plan next month along with our agency wide budget.

I hope you all have a wonderful three day weekend!